Pamela Arent is an American interdisciplinary artist whose work examines the natural world through a lens of abstraction delving into notions of memory, connectedness, identity and place. Her work is influenced by her studies in the natural sciences, color theory and nature. Pamela holds an MFA in Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design, New York and a BA in Biology from Carleton College, Minnesota.

In her canvases and works on paper multiple applications of various mediums are combined with physical manipulation of the surfaces to affect the interactions of pigments. This multi-layered blending of elements hints at how all things interact, disperse, diffuse and bleed into one another.


mela is an ongoing series where a vintage discarded doll stands in as an observer of her surroundings. She is photographed in different locations acting as a meditative surrogate contemplating her inclusion or disconnectedness. These vignettes include objects and vintage clothing passed along from family members.