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Pamela Arent is an American interdisciplinary artist whose work examines the natural world through a lens of abstraction delving into notions of memory, connectedness, identity and place. She creates imaginative and colorful works that play with perspective, patterns, fluidity and form.

Pamela holds an MFA in Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design, New York and a BA in Biology from Carleton College, Minnesota. She is influenced by her studies in the natural sciences, color theory and nature.  She has exhibited regularly in the United States as well as internationally and is carried in numerous private collections worldwide. 

Many of her works on canvas consist of multiple layers where paint is repeatedly added and stripped away lending them an almost textile quality in appearance. Other pieces start with a very detailed and elaborate drawing which is then cut up and rearranged into a new composition.  Her works on paper combine ink, watercolor and drawn lines in deliberate and delicate washes which many find reminiscent of maps.


Pamela exhibited in the annual photography series Vantage Point Sharjah with the Sharjah Art Foundation. Her sequential photographs Carl and Absence of Carl documented the beginning and end of a "dance" performed by a great horned frog. The theme of performance is interpreted as a forced act. The life of the captive subject is effectively an ongoing performance of the act of living.  She is currently developing a new photography and video series titled mela. The mela series consists of a vintage wooden doll in various states of adornment contemplating inclusion or exclusion from the surroundings.


Pamela works out of her studio in Great Falls, Virginia and accepts studio visitors by appointment only. Please use the contact form to arrange for a studio visit or for more information on available works.

















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